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Establishing a Sober Network GA Treatment Center

Another advantage of a sober support group is they create “positive pressure” to make healthy choices. Examples include attending meetings on a regular basis and consistently working with your sponsor. You feel confident knowing there are positive people in your corner who do not want you to relapse. This positive peer pressure is very helpful as you work to stay clean long-term. This support system includes family, friends, your peers in recovery, counselors, your sponsor, and others. The people that you have in this network need to be 100 percent supportive of your decision to get and stay sober. With the help of these support people, you can better face the challenges that recovery brings.

Strong sober support networks and inspiration for others exists in an easy to use digital landscape. One of the fastest ways to build a sustainable sober network is to go to recovery meetings in your community. This one simple action puts you in touch with people who live near you that are committed to addiction recovery. Since many group meetings also include social events such as dinners and dances, you can often find new friends who enjoy doing fun activities that keep your mind off of your cravings. As you establish your support network, it is important to do your part to maintain healthy relationships with those who support and encourage you. People often mistakenly assume that the people who are in their support network automatically know what they need. Communicating your recovery needs and discussing the nature of your relationship with members of your support network can also help you avoid potential misunderstandings.

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They are also an excellent place to make sober networking who understand your struggle with addiction. With the help of your support system, you become accustomed to dealing with these feelings in a healthy way. As a result, you strengthen your ability to maintain your sobriety–regardless of what your day-to-day life throws at you. Lean on close friends and family for support, even if your relationships aren’t what they used to be. Think about going to counseling or family therapy to help with that and to deal with other personal issues.

Why stop at dry January? Make sober inclusivity part of your DEI strategy – BenefitsPro

Why stop at dry January? Make sober inclusivity part of your DEI strategy.

Posted: Mon, 30 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Even if you get along with these people great, they will always be the risk that you will become triggered and relapse because of their use. One of the toughest choices that a recovering individual must make is to distance themselves from people using drugs and alcohol. The reality is that people who struggle with addiction are just normal people. However, many people do not recognize this until they have a chance to connect with those who have already overcome an addiction. One of the easiest ways to do this is to build a healthy support network and to open up about your past experiences.

Reaching Recovery: The Importance of Sober Networks

Because many individuals want to belong, being a part of a sober group can increase your confidence and self-esteem in your interpersonal relationships – it bestows a feeling of acceptance. You can also become more confident in your recovery because you know you have the support needed. It’s likely your time spent in addiction treatment and group therapy helped you make some new friends who share the same goals as you do.


Even if you aren’t trying to make a romantic addition to your support network, you still have to focus on being in the right place in your recovery. As we stated in the very beginning, you have to be willing to show the same honesty and reliability that you expect from the members of your support network. It is important to have a support network of people who can rely upon one another. So, if you or a loved one would like to achieve sobriety, this could be your year! If you’re naturally more introverted or accustomed to handling your problems by yourself, learning to rely on others can be a bit of a challenge. However, the benefits are well worth the effort involved in stepping outside your personal comfort zone. Decline networking events with a heavy focus on alcohol or total lack of sober options.

Quick Summary of Sober Networking:

If you recently had surgery or an injury, your doctor will be careful with the pain medication they give you, because some of those drugs can make you more likely to relapse. Ask your doctor about nonmedical ways to manage your pain, like massage or acupuncture. You may want to start an exercise routine — exercise releases brain chemicals called endorphins, which can make you feel good. Or you might rather spend time volunteering for a good cause, like an animal shelter or children’s hospital.

  • If you have damaged a relationship that was positive and healthy prior to your substance abuse, you may be able to repair the relationship.
  • Hanging around these individuals can potentially trigger you and pose a high risk of relapse.
  • A mocktail looks like a cocktail but doesn’t have any alcohol in it.
  • One of the most important things to do when building your support network is learn how to rebuild and repair these relationships.

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